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My Black Thumb Somewhat Negated

Okay, one more. Historically I’ve been famous for killing plants, both by cooking them and trying to grow them. However, despite being involved with me, the herbs growing beside our patio are mostly going like blazes. We’ve got basil, purple … Continue reading

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Fennel & Chickpea Salad

I’ve been really busy lately, thus the lack of posts. I’ve been sticking to established recipes in large quantities most of the past two weeks, as work has been spilling over into the weekend. Once I get this one down, … Continue reading

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Mexican Gazpacho

I typically make this on the first hot day of the spring. Having never really reached the “cold” stage this past winter in Fresno, I figured I’d throw tradition to the wind and make it just because I felt like … Continue reading

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Totally Decadent Cheese Bread

I have previously mentioned my love of Cook’s Illustrated. This recipe is from this month’s issue. I was expecting a nice little loaf with a toasty cheese flavor – but this is totally over the top. This thing, seriously, is … Continue reading

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Braised Fennel Gratin

I found this recipe online. I went looking for a fennel recipe and found this one authored by chef Brandon Chase Miller of the restaurant Stokes Adobe in Monterey. It was on the Earthbound Farms website, but here’s the restaurant … Continue reading

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Asparagus with Romesco Sauce

This romesco sauce recipe comes from Vegetarian Times, and it is better than one I had used previously out of a Williams-Sonoma cookbook. They suggested a blanch-and-grill procedure for the asparagus, to which I said, “On a weeknight? Yeah, right.” … Continue reading

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Cream of Roasted Red Pepper & Carrot Soup

This is a failure that turned into a moderate success. I had the idea of saucing cauliflower with a nice vegetable puree, and it turned out a lot more boring than I thought it would. It was fine, but it … Continue reading

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