My Black Thumb Somewhat Negated

Okay, one more. Historically I’ve been famous for killing plants, both by cooking them and trying to grow them. However, despite being involved with me, the herbs growing beside our patio are mostly going like blazes. We’ve got basil, purple basil, dill, rosemary, chives, perennial savory, lemon thyme, sage, catnip (now recovered from having been slightly bitten before it was planted), and in a cedar tub, what I’m calling the Mint Cage Match – spearmint, chocolate mint, oregano, and marjoram. Additionally, I’ve got seven tomato plants (I tried to space out the maturity dates – the only one that has fruit on it yet is the Early Girl), a fennel plant, and a whole bunch of peppers that may or may not produce – something is chewing them to bits. I got a couple products from Gardens Alive (a natural garden supply place that happens to be located in my sister-in-law’s hometown) that are supposed to help with this, but haven’t had a chance this weekend to read the instructions, assemble the necessary materials, and implement the application of said products.

We filled up the compost bin again yesterday – our previous batch of compost was not quite finished, but we dug a good hole and put it underground, figuring it can finish its work there.

This herb garden thing is much cheaper than the plastic packs of herbs at the store. I realize that this is obvious, but it’s not just that it’s cheaper – it’s also less wasteful. How many half-used bunches of spearmint have I thrown away after I used it in one or two recipes? More than I’d like to admit to. I sometimes forget that they’re out there when I’m cooking dinner – I need to plan around that better. By and large, just the pinching back is keeping me in enough to cook with. I should probably put in some cilantro and parsley, too – though their lives in the ground are pretty short, those are the things I use the most.


2 thoughts on “My Black Thumb Somewhat Negated

  1. Hi Jocelyn! How was your trip to Chicago/ McCormick Place? I love reading your recipes and hope all is well. Love, Aunt Janet

  2. The trip was great, though I totally wore myself out working. Thanks for asking! I did get a little shopping in – our new VP and I went shoe shopping at Nordstrom together, among other productive stops. Though we both only walked out with one pair that day, we saw a lot more damage that could have potentially been done. What’s new in NM?

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