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Volunteer Plants & Other Garden News

Volunteer Plants & Other Garden News I was gone for a week and some weeds came up here and there – mostly just purslane and oxalis in the planting bed that has the majority of the garden – but additionally … Continue reading

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Chickpea-Flour Pancakes

In Hindi, these are called poora, and they’re much better than both that name and the English title sounds. They’re thin and tender, and the peas and seasonings give them a nice aromatic lift. We had these stuffed with curried … Continue reading

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New Rice (Pilaf)

I bought a bag of Brown Jasmine Rice (something new from them, as far as I know) from Lundberg Family Farms (a longtime favorite of mine) this past week at Whole Foods. I cooked some last night. It’s awesome – … Continue reading

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Mogul “Lamb” with Turnips

Okay, I have to get this one posted before the weekend ends. This…is….so…good. I cannot even begin to tell you how good it is. It’s going to be a new standard recipe of mine. There is a beautiful full-page shot … Continue reading

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Dum Aloo

(The Dum Aloo in this photograph was made on July 2, 2006.) I tried something new and made what turned out to be an unsuccessful Dum Aloo recipe last week. This is not that recipe. This is the Dum Aloo … Continue reading

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Julienne Vegetables Redux

We said goodbye to “winter” here in Fresno with one last vegetable roast. I had noted in the Julienne Vegetables recipe in the Potatoes section that one could substitute other vegetables in to good effect. This weekend we did some … Continue reading

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Pea, Potato, and Panir Curry

I have notes on this from 2002 and 2003 saying that Michael likes this. He still does. It’s from Neelam Batra’s The Indian Vegetarian. I have made it in my pressure cooker before, and I find that gives the right … Continue reading

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