Endocrinology 101

Had the endocrinologist appointment yesterday. Great guy. I don’t usually like doctors very well – since I don’t like being cut off mid-sentence – but this doctor has a wonderful manner and spent about an hour with us, I think. He wants me to be tested for subacute thyroiditis and Addison’s Disease. That’s the short version. He’s also interested in investigating the non-classical adrenal hyperplasia diagnosis I got in Michigan somewhat further. I am fine with all of this. I will go in for tests on August 6th and have a follow-up appointment August 16th. Great post-birthday present, huh? I’m still exhausted, but just feeling like my feet are placed on the path to diagnosis has done an enormous amount.

Some links, for those who want to read more:

Subacute thyroiditis:

The initial symptoms of which are the same as hyperthyroidism:

Addison’s Disease:

One of the tests I will have for that is an ACTH Stimulation Test:

I know these are tough reading, but I feel more comfortable referring people so they can read as much as they’re comfortable with reading rather than trying to simplify the explanation too much and messing it up.

As far as possible outcomes from these things – subacute thyroiditis goes away by itself, though some people are left with hypothyroidism (http://www.mayoclinic.com/invoke.cfm?id=DS00353) that must be treated for life. Addison’s Disease must be treated for life with medication to increase cortisol levels.


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