The Answer is Sort of Inconclusive

Just wanted to give the quick update after my endocrinologist’s appointment yesterday. The first thing he said was that none of the test results provided any insight into my fatigue; he said he had “no endocrinological explanation” for why I’d been so sick.

He said the test results showed that my thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal functions are all fine. This means I do not have the two things he had conjectured were possible, subacute thyroiditis or Addison’s Disease. He also said I do not have Late Onset Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia or LOCAH, something that I had been diagnosed with in Michigan, a diagnosis that had been arrived at without a couple tests that he said were crucial. He ran those and determined that my adrenal function is fine.

What he did say I have (which had been misdiagnosed as LOCAH) is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS, and in conjunction with that, Impaired Fasting Glucose. IFG used to be called pre-diabetes. He said this puts me at risk for diabetes, though it doesn’t mean for sure that I’ll get it. He also said that my diet, healthy weight and (usual) exercise regimen were the best things I could be doing to keep diabetes at bay.

So as to the incredible fatigue and the lingering malaise? He said he thought I had gotten a really bad virus, something on the level of mono or Epstein-Barr (though we were able to show it was neither of those, since we tested for them).

It is good to know that my endocrine system is fine, but I admit it’s quite frustrating to hear “virus” and know that there’s really nothing I can do for that but continue to slug it out with whatever it is. He said that he could send me to an infectious disease specialist, and then said that there are three infectious disease specialists in town, that one of them deals almost exclusively with AIDS patients, and that he didn’t want to send me to either of the other two.

So I am going to keep on keeping on as best as I can each day. Thanks again for your sympathy, attention, and patience throughout this ordeal.


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