Back to the GP

My GP said at my appointment today, “Boy, you’re sure making me work hard!” She said what was going on did not sound like Valley Fever, lupus, fibromyalgia, or MS. She also said she did not want to say I had Chronic Fatigue because she didn’t feel we’d done enough investigation to determine whether there was some other cause for my tiredness. She admitted that my recent symptoms – dizziness, tightness in a couple of glands in my neck, a few occurrences of rapid heartbeat, and of course, our featured player, fatigue – were difficult to add up to anything, but she suggested that we do the following:

– A glucose tolerance test, to say once and for all (or at least the time being) if I have diabetes
– An MRI to check for any weird things in my head that might be affecting my balance
– A sleep study to see if there’s a sleep-related reason for my tiredness
– A Holter monitor for an extended period (maybe a week) to see if I have more than the previously known normal sinus arrythmia

So that’s where we’re headed in the next few weeks.


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