Jane’s Krazy

If I am ever prompted to write Remembrance of Things Past, it will probably be because of a slice of avocado sprinkled with Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt. This is one of the earliest things I can distinctly remember eating.  These avocado slices ended up on top of the black beans in the foreground after they received their sprinkling.

Jane’s Krazy, as it is colloquially referred to in my family, is also great on cottage cheese, an item that clearly needs more salt.  I don’t eat cottage cheese at this point, but I ate a lot as a kid and loved loading it up with Jane’s Krazy.

Jane’s Krazy also improves a ripe tomato immeasurably.

My mother came to use it on the suggestion of Sarah Knickerbocker, one of our neighbors in Maine, when my father was stationed at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  Sarah’s husband was Admiral Knickerbocker. The Knickerbockers lived down a long lane near our house; when I visited Maine in 2001 after not having seen their house since the age of four, I distinctly remembered the lane, the large mossy rock along it, and their house at the end of the drive upon seeing each of those items again.

2 thoughts on “Jane’s Krazy

  1. Joc,
    How amazing you are!!! A link to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and a presentation by Nick Knickerbocker … awesome; and in a recipe (or article) about Jane’s Krazy.
    You not only go back to the fifties, you bring the 70’s right into the present. You are your own back to the future character, and you take us all along for the ride … what FUN!
    Love, Dad

  2. Whoops! Sorry, I didn’t see this until just now – this thing is supposed to email comments to me but it missed this noe. I was pretty surprised myself to find Admiral Knickerbocker on the web! What do you think he’d think of that?

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