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Products for Which I Am Not Optimistic on the Possibility of Long-Term Survival

The product is filtered water in disposable plastic trays. “But,” you say, “I’m not sure I see why I should want this product, and as advertising apologists tell us, I am entirely rational and will only buy the products I … Continue reading

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Today’s Agriculture Moment

This is, for those of you who don’t have the pleasure of seeing such a thing on a regular basis, a field of onions. It’s one block from Highway 99 (the 99 to you real Californians) on my way to … Continue reading

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The Longest Bloom

I was talking to a stone fruit grower this week – a guy in his late 50s at least – who said this bloom is the longest-lasting one in his memory. I had a sense that it was stretched out, … Continue reading

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An Ordinary Dinner

One day almost two years ago now, I was chopping carrots for split-pea soup. We had returned from a trip a couple days before and there wasn’t that much in the house. Split-pea soup – with chipotles for smoke flavor … Continue reading

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Foodservice Solutions

Spotting foodservice needs through the solutions on offer always makes me feel like I’ve learned something. Some recent favorites… French fries are not just french fries…there are fresh-style chips (Obligatory Creepy Anthropomorphized Food with Overly Large Eyes Alert! Hooray!) and … Continue reading

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Soup Technique

I made a recipe I haven’t used in years last night and was reminded of a good broth technique for vegetarian soups. When I was about 20, I received Yamuna Devi’s book Lord Krishna’s Cuisine. It was my go-to cookbook … Continue reading

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White Flour

I don’t put much time in at the regular supermarket. I end up there on occasion when I need aluminum foil or dried chilies, but most of the time I’m living in my little specialty foods retailer cocoon. Before we … Continue reading

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