Products For Which I’m Sorry There’s A Market

I was looking up websites for meal-preparation chains today, and on one of the sites I checked out their current menu. One of the recipes had a product logo next to it. With a slightly closer look, I realized I was finding out about a product for which I was sorry there was a market.

The product is Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners.

Now, I don’t begrudge the good people at Reynolds the opportunity to create new products for which there is consumer desire and profit from them. There comes a point, though, where I do start to roll my eyes.

The idea behind slow cooker cooking is that it requires almost no effort; a little prep in the morning or the night before and you’re all set when dinner rolls around. It’s all done in one pot.

And I suppose that’s what rankles me here; it’s one pot. We, as Americans, can’t be bothered to wash one pot, and instead we need to use something once and put another piece of synthetic material into a landfill?

I suppose you could do the calculation of the amount of resources that go into manufacturing a single Slow Cooker Liner and compare them to the resources needed to wash one pot, but washing one pot doesn’t result in another thing to throw away.

Could we get Con Agra together with Reynolds, do you think, and get them to manufacture Crock-Pot® Classics already in a Slow Cooker Liner? Maybe SC Johnson would like to jump in and throw a genuine Ziploc on the top of the thing?


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