Products for Which I Am Not Optimistic on the Possibility of Long-Term Survival

The product is filtered water in disposable plastic trays.

“But,” you say, “I’m not sure I see why I should want this product, and as advertising apologists tell us, I am entirely rational and will only buy the products I truly want. Is there anything on the Aqua Ice website that might help motivate me?”

Well, how about an alarmist FAQ? What if I told you that:, an online resource center for food safety reported that in the summer of 1999, an outbreak of E. coli at a drill team camp in Denton, Texas, infected 58 people and caused severe gastrointestinal illnesses in 41 individuals. Experts believe that the cause of this outbreak was contaminated ice – the campers were using their hands to scoop ice out of the machine and contaminated the ice. For one camper, the disease spread from her kidneys into her brain, causing high blood pressure, seizures, severe headaches and nausea.

Note that in this story, the bacteria came from the hands and was transmitted by the ice – if you touched this packaged ice with your E. coli-infested hands, it might have the same result, mightn’t it? Of course, even if you do touch it with your E. coli-infested hands, this ice doesn’t sit in a filthy ice machine.

They also helpfully point out these ways you can protect yourself from contaminated ice, including the diretion to clean ice-making machines once a week, as slime and mold can build up inside, allowing bacteria to grow and contaminate the ice, despite the cold temperatures.

Or, I’ll add, since they didn’t say this and you have to give them a little bit of credit for at least letting the consumer make the link and not totally spelling it out, you could just buy filtered water packaged in disposable plastic trays.

A friend’s response to this product was “The people responsible for this should be forced to pick every single one of those disposable plastic trays out of every landfill they end up in.”

If this lasts five years, I will buy everyone in my family a case. See you in 2011, Aqua Ice. (Just watch, it’ll go like bottled water and then I’ll be sorry.)


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