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Returning to Fresno: Finding Summer Begun

Fresno is a beautiful place to fly into at night; I’ve remarked upon this to seatmates on a few descending planes, colleagues and co-workers, and all agree: the unerringly level valley, illuminated with a sprinkling of variously-toned white lights – … Continue reading

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Chimp’s ‘Dude,You Better Use That’ Squash Soup

My husband Chimp (that’s his longstanding ‘net name) asked if he could guest blog this week while I’m traveling for business. Why not?  Due to my CFS, he’s cooked more dinners in the past two years than I have, though … Continue reading

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Produce Stats

I’m on the road this week in Philadelphia and Houston, finding out what consumers like.  I really enjoy marketing research projects. I also happen to be a bit of a data geek in general; I love to add new items … Continue reading

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Vaguely Cajun Spice Mix

This is an integral ingredient in red beans. For most recipes, I put together my spice mixture on the spot, but this I mix up, stash in the cupboard, and inflict a large amount on the legumes when they go … Continue reading

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Sloppy Mobys

Eh, the lighting needs work in that, but the important part of the lighting task is accomplished: you can see what it is that’s being photographed. My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Internal Regulation System says: “That’s good enough. Sit down and … Continue reading

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Red Pepper Sauce

I really like using vegetable-and-nut sauces. Things like this and the Sorites Paradox Pesto add tons of color and nutrition to a plate, and variety to a vegetarian diet. Plus, because there’s little chopping and prep work, they’re usually manageable … Continue reading

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Partly Saffron With a Chance of Anise

I always get a kick out of the McCormick Flavor Forecast; it’s usually just the right blend of pulse-taking and McCormick sales job. Sure, sometimes it gets a little heavy-handed – last year, one of the flavors listed was Pickling … Continue reading

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