The Food News Roundup

Okay, that was a chronic fatigue syndrome-motivated episode of disappearance, these past few days. That coast-to-coast travel last week really wiped me out. Of course, traveling all week sometimes also means that some of the regular work has to get done on the weekend, which it did.

Beyond that, as summer comes on, I’m in serious crunch time at work, and my CFS really has been getting me down. I’m hoping to cook something (something, anything!) this weekend.

For the time being, here’s the product roundup. I get a lot of food newsletters, and they’re perpetually peppered with PR pitches for new products. Sometimes the products featured are remarkable in some way. I’ve noted in bold, below, into which category each of these notable products fit.

Food Products That Scare Me A Little Bit

Z-Trim is a “corn fiber fat replacement.” Does the model on the front page give you the creeps? She’s a little too tan, a little severe…she looks like a model for a miracle weight loss substance rather than a food product. Oh wait, the website says that Z-Trim will help me lose weight without giving up the foods I love, so I guess it is a miracle weight loss substance, and in that case, that model is perfectly appropriate.

It’s corn bran and guar gum.

You could just eat more fiber, but that wouldn’t help you lose weight without giving up the foods you love, unless you love fiber-rich foods.

Food Products That Sound Sort of Gross

General Mills is introducing a line of cereal-flavored milks this coming year, including one flavored like Wheaties. No word in this article as to whether the drink will include that nasty sludge at the bottom of the bowl.

Food Products I Thought of Years Ago When Shopping for a Road Trip, Darn It

Hummus to Go, a shelf-stable single-serve hummus. I’m not kidding; I probably thought of this about ten years ago. Oh well, there goes my million dollars.

Food Products That I Hope Are Better Tasting than Their Level of Achievement in Website Design

Images1I was actually a little disappointed when I went to visit Bubble Wrap Chocolate. They do have an anthropomorphized food mascot, but by the name, I thought I might be getting into something that really did look like bubble wrap rather than just have lots of tiny holes.

They seem to have slapped a TM after almost every phrase on the page, and not in superscript either, which makes it More TM Fun TM to TM Read! TM.

If you do read all the way to the bottom, you’ll be treated to this mental image: “BUBBLE WRAP Candy plans to use some rap-sensibility to delve further into the teen market, with the new Rap, Hip Pop group sensation, “THE BUBBLE RAPPERS.”

You let me know how that goes over with the kids, now.

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3 Responses to The Food News Roundup

  1. Damian says:

    Funny you should mention the Bubble Chocolate, a friend of mine said they are going to launch the bubble chocolate at the Candy Expo in Chicago and he said they sent samples out to various media groups.
    Anyway he said the chocolate is delicious much better quality then Nestle Aero. So I guess the chocolate is better then their website.

  2. michele reynolds says:

    I had no idea of who or what you were all about. Very interesting! You are a very good writer, and I loved reading everything you have on your site. If ever you would like a personal farm tour of our place (read you were just in Kingsburg, DARN, I would love for you to stopped by) Michele Reynolds

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Thanks a million for stopping by! I know you’re really busy right now – hope today’s 15 hours were bearable. I used two of those white onions I bought this morning this evening – one in an escarole gratin and the other in a chard fritter. Come to think of it, the chard was yours as well! Those two dishes will go up later on this week. I would absolutely love to come have a tour sometime – Kingsburg’s not far. If you folks have or start a website, please do let me know – I would love to link to you as well. Thanks for keeping me fed – I’m so happy to be getting back into the farmers’ market habit. It means a lot to me to know whose hard work and care I’m benefiting from.

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