Tweet Cough Tweet

In light of that crazy bird-flu movie on ABC (“Hm,” I hope you thought to yourself. “It’s May…could it be…sweeps week?” Yes. Yes it is.) the Food Marketing Institute, which includes member organizations that represent industries that could be affected in the event of a bird flu epidemic, has taken a moment away from their busy schedule of filling Chicago with people who forget about their plastic badges and wear them everywhere they go and issued this helpful brochure to help us all learn to talk about different types of flu in a reasonable way.

Not that I ever would have, but you couldn’t pay me enough to work at the National Chicken Council these days.

And by blogging law, I am compelled to link to this picture of what will happen when bird flu strikes Florida, as my father captioned it when he sent it to me.

Edit: And here’s the perfect cartoon to go along with the bird flu movie – this one, from where else but (of course) Savage Chickens?

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