CSA Box #2

Chimp’s parents are visiting; it is a good thing they are game for agricultural tourism.

Yesterday we went to pick up our box of produce and on the way stopped at the Sun-Maid Store for fun. The store is located right at the Sun-Maid plant and is one of the stops on the Fresno County Fruit Trail. When you get out of the car at the Sun-Maid plant, the air is filled with a heavy fruity sweetness – unsurprisingly, it smells like raisins. We took the obligatory pictures in front of the world’s largest box of raisins and browsed a great variety of raisin-related products.

When we got the box home, we found the following in it:

Nantes Carrots
Red Leaf Lettuce
Red Spring Onion
Fava Beans
Red LaSoda Potatoes
Collard Greens
Mediterranean Cucumbers
English Peas
Fresh Garlic
Cuyama Fuji and Pink Lady Apples

It says in the newsletter that some people got apples instead of strawberries because of the rain last weekend. That’s us, sadly. Maybe next week.

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