(One Can Never Have) Too Many Cherries

I may have overdone it.

There are six pounds of cherries in my fridge.

First, we were at Whole Foods at the end of the week, and they had their first organic cherries of the season, in the purple mesh bag. They were quite dear at $14.99 per pound, but cherry season is short. I stood with the bag in my hand for a moment, put it back, then thought again about how short cherry season is and put them in the cart.

When I checked out, I found out the bag was heavier than I’d thought. The damage was $25.33. Ouch. But cherry season is short, right?

On to the farmers’ market on Saturday morning. I had bought the WFM cherries because I was afraid I might miss out on them at the market – the one grower I knew had them the week before, Erickson Farms, said they had about 25-30% set this year. I didn’t know how long they’d have fruit, and I was afraid of missing out on cherries altogether, because nobody had a good set this year as far as I’ve heard.

When I got to the market, Fred Smeds of Savage Island also had cherries. He said he thought this might be his only week for them, so I bought three of his pint containers for a total of $9. Erickson Farms is on the other end of the market; they had the first Ranier-type cherries of the season, and of course I couldn’t resist getting those – that was another $7 for about two pints’ worth.

At that point I realized that I had bought $40 worth of cherries in the past 24 hours, and I had better start thinking about what I was going to do with them. Shortcake? Crumble? Cherry-infused vodka?

I can’t say that I’ve taken any decisive action yet. So far, my only plan has been to eat them, and that seems to be going fine.

Six pounds of cherries isn’t so ridiculous, really. Some women buy shoes – and expensive ones, at that – this way.


One thought on “(One Can Never Have) Too Many Cherries

  1. I sure wish I could team up with someone in the Fresno/Clovis area who has a need for the CHERRY (meat) but not the PITs of the cherries. I dislike cherries but spend a fortune on them, whenever I can get them, JUST to get the pits from them! My Amazon Parrot (a picky eater) also doesn’t like the fruit from the cherry but loves chewing around the pit and then playing with the pit a while, grinding his beak on it till it’s shiny and bald, then … on to the next one. I consequently end up with all that cherry meat I have crammed in baggies in the freezer (for a rainy day) hoping I would someday force myself to find a use for it all, until I end up tossing it out, when the next cherry season rolls around!

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