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CSA Box #7

I knew this week would come eventually: the week that eggplant would show up in the box. I love vegetables – almost irrationally so – but I have never loved eggplant. I’ve always found it almost intolerably bitter, frequently stringy, … Continue reading

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Vegan Zucchini, Tomato & Onion Gratin

“Do you like zucchini?” my co-worker asked, peeking into my office. “Of course!” I said. She put the two globe zucchini she was carrying down on my desk. “Are these from your mom’s garden?” “Yes…” “Oh, they’re still warm!” “She … Continue reading

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Poblano Peppers with a Black Chickpea Filling

Looking at the picture, you might think that looks like a lot of work. You would be correct. Stuffed peppers are a lot of work to do well. They can be done poorly very easily: slap cooked rice and some … Continue reading

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CSA Box #6

I had to grab my box on the way out to a business dinner this week at Jonathan’s in Kingsburg. We have group dinners there every so often, and he closes the restaurant for us for the evening. When I … Continue reading

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I’m in San Francisco on business travel; I’ll be back toward the end of the week.

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CSA Box #5

We have on offer this week: Bunched Beets – I did, in fact, yell the Lisa Simpson line We got beets! to Chimp when I opened the box. It never gets old – well, judging by the eye roll I … Continue reading

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The Eat Local Challenge: Looking Back

It’s been a while since the May Eat Local Challenge ended. Frankly, most normal people have probably written their reflection posts by now. But I, Ms. Chronic Fatigue, sitting here with my head resting on my shoulder because it takes … Continue reading

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