CSA Box #3

Drat! For some reason this didn’t go up automatically on Friday morning as I intended it to.

It was tough to get everything into the picture this week!

We went on a tour of our CSA farm last weekend. I have scads of pictures, helpfully taken by my father-in-law after my camera batteries gave out, which I am still trying to assemble into a narrative to share. There is a lot of stuff on their 75 acres, as we found out. Here’s what of it we received this week:

Nantes Carrots
Red Leaf Lettuce
Summer Crisp Lettuce
Red Spring Onion
Crookneck Squash
Zucchini Squash
Bloomsdale Spinach
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Easter Egg Radishes
Mediterranean Cucumbers
Eco-Farm Navel Oranges
Cuyama Fuji Apples
Cuyama Pink Lady Apples

This is an awesome deal for $18 a week, as far as I’m concerned.


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