The Food News Roundup

How Eating Local Changes Food Distribution

The May Eat Local Challenge is over – while it was wrapping up, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran this story about local food resources near Philadelphia.

Marion Nestle Helps Us Choose

Marion Nestle has a new book, a guide to good food choices. Weirdly, I had a dream last night that we were moving to NYC because I was going to start grad work in Dr. Nestle’s department. The L.A. Times followed her around a Vons in L.A., with predictably hilarious results (at least to healthy-food advocates like myself).

Television Everywhere!

Meijer, a Midwest chain that I otherwise generally have respect for, is rolling out special “TV Kiddie Karts” in all of its 175 stores. The carts cost a dollar to rent and come with a selection of videos for kids to watch while parents shop.

Now, having worked in a supermarket for five years, even a more-interesting-than-average supermarket like Whole Foods, I can vouch for the fact that many kids go bonkers at the grocery store. However, I learned a great deal of food and nutrition lessons from my mother while sitting in a grocery cart, and I sure wouldn’t have been tuned into that if I had been watching a screen.

Coverage from Grand Rapids station WZZM, with video of the golf-cart like contraptions (I assume – I tried five browsers on our Mac and none of them would show the video) pretty much sums it up with this quote from a Meijer store director: “…they can put their kids in here and the kids can watch the DVDs as long as they are shopping to keep them quiet and occupied.”

Thank goodness kids have another place to watch television.

Pictures of Chocolate Cake

A new study finds that differing levels of “trait reward drive” are correlated with differing levels of brain activity in response to images of food. The conclusion being drawn here is that some people are likely more susceptible to food advertising than others.

John Mackey on 60 Minutes

Tune in on Sunday night to hear the Whole Foods CEO interviewed by Dan Rather. Even if you’re not particularly interested in the Whole Foods chain or John Mackey’s particular kind of vegan libertarianism, tune in just to see whether he still has the wild mustache.

First Crop: Figs

Love this story from the NYT on a discovery from the West Bank – figs, planted as scions, may have predated wheat, barley, and chickpeas as the first crop raised by humans.

Michael Pollan Weighs In on Wal-Mart

Michael Pollan says everything I wanted to say about Wal-Mart’s move into organics.

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  1. Keith Stephens says:

    Do you still do tours. I would like to see your avocado trees. Please give me times, dates, and directions to your place from Kingsburg if you do.
    Keith Stephens
    Bakersfield, California

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