I Know It’s Love: He Insulted Me And It Was Funny

Me: (shaking a sauté pan full of summer squash) Look at this! Look at how even I cut this!

Chimp: (washing dishes; looks over his shoulder briefly at the pan)

Me: No, look! It’s beautiful! It looks great!

Chimp: (affecting Phil Hartman’s voice) People try to tell you that the secret to Pepper Steak is the seasoning. But we know differently, don’t we? It’s getting all the pieces the same size.

Me: I am not the Anal-Retentive chef! This takes knife skills! And spatial skills! And practice!

Chimp: (leaving the room)

Me: Get me the camera! I’m taking a picture of this, it looks so good!

Note: We don’t usually insult each other, even in jest like this. It wasn’t really about how evenly I cut the squash – I was just happy that I have the energy right now to chop and sauté something, and it brings me joy to do something I’m good at. Chimp was happy about it too – enough so that he felt free to rib me about it.

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