CSA Box #4

Here’s what I’ll be cooking with this week:

Nantes Carrots (last week for carrots until the fall, apparently)
Red Summer Crisp Lettuce
Red Spring Onions
Tuscan Kale
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Forest Green Parsley
Mediterranean Cucumbers
Foster’s Fennel
Foster’s Garlic
Peterson’s Spring Crest Peaches

We are overloaded with both fennel and greens…I already had some of both I haven’t used from the farmers’ market last weekend, because my energy’s not been good enough in the evenings to cook anything. The greens I thought I might try a saag panir experiment on – no sweat – but I must come up with a fennel idea, and soon.


3 thoughts on “CSA Box #4

  1. okay, i’ve got a couple. one of my favourite summer salads is fennel, which can be grilled (broiled!) or just sliced very thin and raw, tossed with red onion, orange slices (removed from pith and skin etc like the horrible tinned version), black olives and balsamic vinegar. mmmmmm.
    or you can roast them up with vermouth and rosemary for a lovely aniseedy side dish. or you could do a gratin with them. or chuck them with loads of that lovely parsley you’ve got- with olives? mm.

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