CSA Box #5

We have on offer this week:

Bunched Beets – I did, in fact, yell the Lisa Simpson line We got beets! to Chimp when I opened the box. It never gets old – well, judging by the eye roll I received, it never gets old for me, at least.
Red Summercrisp Lettuce – This is the biggest challenge for us in this thing…staying ahead (ha!) of the lettuce each week. We’re getting the hang of it – our habits are having to shift a little.
Pungent Fresh Red Onion – We are warned in the newsletter to cook with it, not try to eat it raw.
Cuyama Pink Lady Apples
Crookneck Squash
Italian Zucchini
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Genovese Basil – Hooray! Some of that basil I was in danger of throwing myself into!
Mediterranean Cucumbers
Flavorosa Pluots
Spring Crest Peaches

It was such a relief to know this box was waiting for me today, and that I didn’t need to go grocery shopping, as this week has had it in for me. I haven’t been cooking; I haven’t been feeling well. I’ve felt feverish and dizzy and pretty weak since Monday, though I seem to be improving. Yesterday I was on a two-hour conference call and by the end of it I had my head down on my desk because I just couldn’t hold the phone up any longer. I’m hoping I’ll feel better shortly so I can spend some time in the kitchen this weekend.

Also, I’m eagerly awaiting this weekend’s Bizarre Bazaar at Yoshi Now! If you live in Fresno, you probably already know by now that it’s going to be the thrift store flea market mass yard sale BBQ live surf music ska DJs roller derby bake sale benefit of the summer. I know I’ll be there.


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