CSA Box #7

I knew this week would come eventually: the week that eggplant would show up in the box.

I love vegetables – almost irrationally so – but I have never loved eggplant. I’ve always found it almost intolerably bitter, frequently stringy, occasionally mushy, from time to time bland, and once in a while tough as shoe leather. None of these characteristics are endearing to me.

I am hoping that eggplant straight off the farm will be different. I mean, sure, there are eggplant recipes I love. Okay, there’s one – but I have a feeling, based on the extent of the eggplant crop we saw during the farm tour, that I am going to have to learn to like (or at least tolerate-to-a-greater-degree) eggplant. I’ll keep you posted. I’m genuinely hoping for a conversion.

Besides the dreaded eggplant, we have the world’s cutest little melon in the foreground, my squeal at which caused one nearby cat to take off running and another to flatten her ears.

And green beans, one of my favorite things to eat too many of while they’re in season. I love green bean time. I never get tired of stir-fried green beans with hot peppers and roasted tofu, or fasoulakia, which for those of you who haven’t had the great pleasure, is green beans with tomatoes and herbs. We have a holiday potluck at work at lunch today – fasoulakia will be my healthy contribution to the spread.

So here’s the list of the box’s contents:

Green Snap Beans
Classic Globe Eggplant
Summer Crisp Lettuce
Pungent Fresh Red Onion
Foster’s Garlic
Zucchini Squash
Green Forest Parsley
Fresh Red La Soda Potatoes
Mediterranean Cucumbers
Orange Sherbert Melon
Peterson’s Flavorcrest Peaches

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2 Responses to CSA Box #7

  1. Janet says:

    I also belong to the T&D Willey CSA and I still have the orange sherbert melon from box 7 and am looking for something to do with it. I would love to know what you did. I am vegan so the recipies that we got were not very useful. Please help…(before it’s too late)

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Uh oh…what I did with the melon wasn’t vegan either, but you could do something like it. I cut it in half, hollowed the halves out, chopped the flesh, then mixed it with sweetened whipped cream, put it back in the melon halves, and topped it with a few toasted slivered almonds. You could use sweetened cultured soy to do something similar, if that’s to your taste.
    Or you could just hollow the halves out, toss the melon flesh with a little of your favorite sweetener, some tiny bits of torn fresh mint and a little lime or orange juice, and pile it back in the shells.
    I also think it’s the perfect size for a dolls’ brunch, but you might not have dolls that brunch. I know I don’t.

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