CSA Box #8

I’m getting into a bad habit. By the time I pick up my box after work, I’m too tired to stop and examine it. I just want to get it in the car and start driving the 30 miles home. However, I can’t stand not to know what’s in there, so the last few weeks I’ve found myself reaching down, pulling the top of the box open and extracting the What’s Growin’ On newsletter that’s included on top of the produce each week.

No eggplant this week…the pressure’s off, for seven days at least. (I did make baba ganoush this week – there’ll be a post on that, hopefully, as soon as I can figure out how to photograph baba ganoush. Talk about stuff that lies there – there’s no fun like photographing a purée.)

I can’t wait to tear into these yellow beans and this melon, and the first tomatoes – three big ones, absolutely gorgeous. Summer really is here.

Here’s what we have:

Yellow Snap Beans
Red Summercrisp Lettuce
Italian Sweet Red Onions
Vine-Ripened Tomatoes
Genovese Basil
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Mediterranean Cucumbers
Sugar Baby Watermelon


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