Little Bit by Little Bit

I haven’t left the house in eight days, but I can sit up pretty reliably now.

Today was the first day that I was able to sit up first thing in the morning. The first hours the last week or so have found me curled in the fetal position around my breakfast and then flat on my back with the laptop stand. The period of needing to lie flat first thing in the morning has been getting gradually shorter this week, from all day to most of the day to most of the morning to part of the morning, and today I was able to dispense with it. I did recline some during the afternoon, both in bed and on the couch, but I’ve been able to stay upright pretty much all day. I’ve been able to sit up in a chair for a while, even, and answer some personal email for the first time in a couple weeks.

I have put a few pounds back on, thankfully, and am no longer hovering around 110. My fever is less but not gone, which I think has helped the weight loss abate. I can tell my brain is foggy – not directly – it’s odd, I can never tell directly – but by the mistakes I find in my typing when I go back to read it later.

I would really like to leave the house – I would rather be able to, for sure – but that would mean having the energy to make myself presentable, which some days I have more than others. Yesterday I showered. Today I didn’t. Maybe tomorrow I will. I was thinking that maybe Chimp could take me to the mall and just push me around for a while. Not that I especially like the mall – it would just be somewhere to go that’s very nearby. The bookstore would work too, I suppose, but that’d be a much longer car ride – ten minutes or so. If I were healthy, I could walk to the mall in about ten minutes.

We’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings.


2 thoughts on “Little Bit by Little Bit

  1. Um… yeah, is it hot here or what?
    I don’t want to complain too much, as I do so much better in the summer than in the winter. I have all the physical symptoms of CFS, and have previously been dxd with CFS (and before they knew much about that, FUO… Fever of Unknown Origin), but now they’ve added Fibromyalgia to that, along with a couple of other medical curiosities. The weather here does really seem to have an effect for me. You too?
    It would be nice if you’d add a few comments about the state of vegetarian food/restaurants here in F****o to your blog, or maybe some favourites,, as well as CFS- maybe something about how it’s being treated.
    It’s nice to know there’s another F****o vegetarian floating around out there. Email me anytime about either topic.

  2. Thanks, Vegicat! I’m sorry to hear you’re suffer with this sort of thing too. I really appreciate you checking in – I’ve met so few people with this and it’s really helpful to hear other people’s stories.
    I don’t know if the weather always does a number on me, but I sure have had a number done on me lately.
    We do need more of a resource on veggie food in Fresno. I’ve been surprised that there isn’t a Meetup. I’ve met three vegetarians – you, someone on Mindhub, and a Fresno Bee writer – in the past two weeks. There have to be enough of us that we could have dinner together once in a while.
    And I love the way you spelled the ‘No…it’s like G*d, but not for the same reason at all, eh? It’s an F-word!

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