Our air conditioner seems to be broken again.

I suspected it last night, when it was as hot outside as in, but of course, we had turned a burner on for a bit to cook some beans. I suggested to Chimp, rather crossly, I’ll admit, that there be no more evening cooking until at least October.

This morning, when our sweary neighbors were out in front of the building swearing and yelling at 11:30 a.m. with their barking dogs (who sound as if they are swearing when they bark), I thought, “What the heck? Let’s close the windows and turn the A/C on early today.” Yesterday, we hadn’t bothered to turn it on until after 2:30, and I thought perhaps that might have been part of the problem.

No, the problem, I think, is that the air conditioner is not producing cool air, and having realized that only late in the evening yesterday and it being bedtime at that point, the house was hot, I had an awful time falling asleep, slept badly when I did, had terribly disturbing dreams, and as a result, am feeling worse today than I had the last few days.

The A/C guy is supposed to come tonight; I went with Chimp and showed my face at the rental office looking particularly pitiful. It is supposed to be at least 100 degrees tomorrow; if our air conditioner is not working, we will have to decamp to a hotel again. Close readers of this blog will remember that an overheated house and the process of moving us and cats to a nearby hotel was what caused my crash on July 22.

I am a container of milk. It is important that I be kept cool.

Now, we lived without an air conditioner and did just fine for three years in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but the average high there in July is 84 degrees, it is always breezy, and there are often these little puffy shade-creating things in the sky called clouds, as well as frequent thunderstorms to cool things down. In Fresno, it’s 97 degrees, the sun starts shining in April and doesn’t quit until October. Also, I swear, we have a different sun out here, one that has a profoundly sadistic bent.

Of course, in the three years we’ve lived here, it has never been anywhere near 10 below zero, which I can’t say for Kalamazoo. Every place has its advantages.

Tonight we will have lentil salad for dinner. It will not require a burner to be turned on.


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