Never So Cool

Yesterday was up and down. I drove myself to a doctor’s appointment – albeit a mile away – and while I was driving for the first time in weeks, thought to myself, “This isn’t half bad. Maybe I’m not that sick after all.” Then, in the afternoon, when we had just come back from a short trip to the farmer’s market, and I stumbled into the bedroom, collapsed on the bed and was lying there whimpering, feeling as if someone had pushed me down a flight of stairs, I thought, “No, I think I might actually still be sick.”

The A/C guy arrived around lunchtime, turned on the air conditioner, headed around to the side of the building, and returned in less than 30 seconds to return to say that the compressor wasn’t running. He headed back out, and less than a half-hour later, was back to say that the hard start was broken and that he’d replaced it. He turned on the A/C, and sure enough, it was producing cold air.

And it is really producing cold air now. We were actually able to keep the house slightly below 80 degrees yesterday, which I don’t think we’d ever previously been able to do on a near 100-degree day.


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