I apologize for being absent for so long; I’m on the slow slog back to functioning again.  It gets boring about now – not that it’s particularly exciting to be really, really sick, but at least there are notable and dramatic things to report when really, really sick, like, “I couldn’t manage to sit up for more then ten minutes today.”

Now I’m to that point where I’m able to care for myself and not abjectly miserable but still subpar and subnormal. I went to the office for about four hours yesterday; Chimp drove.  I didn’t feel that tired when I woke up this morning, but I found myself working reclined rather than sitting up, which is probably my body telling me that I did more than I thought.

There are all sorts of great food things going on in the last couple weeks that I haven’t blogged on – we’ve had the miniscule grapes they use to make currants in our CSA box, and I’ve had some phenomenal Rose Concord grapes from Fred Smeds of Savage Island Farm.  It’s fig time in Fresno – the Fig Fest was on Saturday August 12 at the farmer’s market.  We’ve also had a quart box of figs in our CSA box two weeks in a row.  There aren’t many places where you can get local figs. This is about it.

I touched on that when Chimp was unpacking the vegetables and I was putting five kinds of plums into a bowl after a short trip to the farmer’s market yesterday afternoon. I said, “There may be things I don’t like about Fresno, but this is not one of them.”


4 thoughts on “Uphill

  1. You seriously make me jealous whenever you talk about your fabulous, diverse produce. The pictures of your boxes are wonderful and inspire me to go out and buy everything in sight at Whole Foods. I bought a Sharlyn melon a couple of weeks ago on a whim–it was fantastic! I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better.

  2. Being on the chronic fatigue end of the fibro/CF spectrum myself, I understand. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. If laughter will help, the movie Little Miss Sunshine gave me a small burst of energy today. Though it hurt my aching shoulders to laugh. But hey, they would have ached anyways.
    Hope you feel better!

  3. Por favor , quiisiera hacer contacto por esta via con el Sr. Fred Smeds. Soy cubano, nos conocimos en Cuba , ahora trabajo en mexico con mi esposa,

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