What You Missed at the Market

The first cherries of the season made their appearance today, courtesy of Michelle at KMK farms. They are the Brooks variety. Mine were gone within an hour of arriving home, and were startlingly good for the first of the season.

Michelle has also had the first squash of the season the last couple weeks.

I didn’t get any this week…I’m still trying to cling to the spring vegetables – asparagus, peas, green garlic, spring onions, radishes, leeks. Chimp and I had the following conversation on the arrival of our first CSA-box squash last week, in fact:

“I’m not ready to eat zucchini again yet,” I said. “I think I’m still tired of it from last summer.”

“Interesting,” he replied. “I have a lot higher zucchini tolerance than I do asparagus.”

I looked at him with incredulity.

How can he possibly think that, I thought. To compare asparagus – asparagus! – the subtle, mysterious, evanescent harbinger of spring – unfavorably to zucchini, the plebian, watery, sprawling, overeager bane of midsummer? How could you possibly?

I decided not to disagree with him on this occasion. It’s a fight you can’t win, the vegetable preference fight. I adore him, but we feel differently about some of the vegetables – he doesn’t have any love for artichokes either, and will also let me eat all the olives that come into the house. More artichokes and olives for me, I say.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention this – not food, but awfully pretty: there were snapdragons in profusion on offer this week.


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