What You Missed at the Market

Okay, things are really heating up on Saturdays now. The stone fruit is in full swing and everybody and their mother has showed back up.

Here’s what was new or interesting to me this week.

Fred and Paula of Savage Island Farms brought the first Ranier cherries of the season. I got three containers, plus two containers of Brooks. I am eating cherries twice a day every day right now.

Michelle’s Zephyr squash have come in. I know I was saying I thought I might still be tired of summer squash from last year, but seeing these changed my mind. These have a wonderful flavor. I’m planning to incorporate them into a tamale pie later in the week and serve that with black beans for a true Three Sisters dinner.

Michelle also has fava beans. One week earlier in the spring, when it was much quieter at the market than it is now, she was de-podding beans to cook when she got home. (Now she’s working her booth along with two helpers, and there is no de-podding action in sight.) I know some people also peel them first. She said she cooks, then peels. Favas are the ultimate in food encryption technology.

Vachte Moukhiarian of Cracked Pepper Bistro was back for another installment of Chefs at the Market. Kabobs with a Achiote-Mexican Chocolate Glaze (I think I wrote that down right) were on offer this week. All the vegetables are from the market, including the mushrooms. How many farmers’ markets have a mushroom vendor?

Yes, there is pork in that shot. No, I haven’t gone over to the carnivorous side. He was kind enough to make some veg-only kabobs, hiding out there in the background. The glaze was intriguing, but the vegetables didn’t absorb it as well as it looked like the meat kabobs did – more mushrooms or the addition of some firm tofu to the mix would have boosted the kabobs’ appeal for me.


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