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What You Missed at the Market

I succeeded in moving my market arrival time back this morning to pre-8 a.m. It made a big difference; it was easier to get around and there was more time to chat with folks because there wasn’t as much crowd … Continue reading

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I Make the Paper

Excitement! Joan Obra quotes me in the Bee. Chimp tried out a new place last night with some of his departing students – ZPizza, up on Champlain. I was too bushed to go but he said it was pretty good. … Continue reading

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Study: More Benefit from Food-Based Calcium Than Supplements

Today I ran across a story about results from a study at the Washington University School of Medicine that I found very interesting. The study found that women who get most of their calcium from food have healthier bones and … Continue reading

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K.M.K. Farms Tour Part I

This is the first of a set of long-overdue posts on our tour of K.M.K Farms back on May 6. The day was a combination open house and 10th farming anniversary celebration for Michele and Kyle. Michele had long ago … Continue reading

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Meet Your Neighbors

I had run across the Fresno Vegan/Vegetarian Meetup a long time ago and it had looked like it was inactive.  I thought to check today to see if anything had changed and discovered it seems to have been brought back … Continue reading

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Drunk and Spicy

I ran across articles about two very interesting studies recently that had something important in common: both focused on items that when included as part of a meal, reduce the post-meal increase in blood sugar. The hope is that using … Continue reading

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What You Missed at the Market

The Chefs at the Market series is over for now, but there was still plenty of excitement Saturday morning. Though the calendar is the most explicit reminder, there was no doubt it was the first weekend of summer. Michele from KMK … Continue reading

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