What You Missed at the Market

Another Saturday morning where I thought “It can’t possibly be any busier than it was last week…” and it was. Everybody was just flying. I didn’t need much, but I hung around for a long time this morning, just enjoying being out and watching people shop before heading off to WFM for the rest of the groceries.

Beautiful artichoke and cardoon flowers on offer today…much queried about and examined.

Michele of KMK had green peppers – this is the second week she’s brought them, and they’ve sized up a little bit more now. Had some tonight on a pizza made by Chimp…excellent.

Today’s Chefs at the Market featured Michelle Orgill of the apparently-soon-to-open Pangea, and formerly of Upstairs Downtown and Lantana. She was preparing a tomato and nectarine pizza with Gorgonzola on the grill. It reminded me of this pizza a little bit.

The matching sweet-tart flavors of the Black Russian tomatoes and nectarines were nice, especially when combined with the meaty, slightly bitter blue cheese.

And it was great fun just to chat with Michelle as well…we briefly discussed our histories connected to Washington D.C.


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