Farmstands vs. Big Brands

An article on the choose local movement from the Ad Age perspective. It mostly focuses on food but touches on other categories as well.

Some nice details on what some major chains, including Supervalu, are already doing to support and promote the local products they carry. It’s a pretty even-handed piece, with the exception of the somewhat charged remark in the last sentence of this paragraph (emphasis mine):

Granted, a few hundred people in a relatively small collection of towns isn’t a massive buying block that could take down a Kroger or K-Mart. In fact, no true statistics on the might of the buying-local phenomenon exist. Yet, taken together, these disparate efforts could signal the beginning of a consumer revolution that in time could become as pernicious as anti-consumerism.

I knew I’d been feeling different lately and I hadn’t been able to put my finger on it. Turns out it’s not just that I’ve been eating too much stone fruit: in addition to my longstanding subversiveness and perspicacity, I’m now pernicious too. And I’m clearly not the only one if Ad Age is writing about it.

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