Hot and (Spicy)

(Posted some of this to Fresno Famous but I think it’s germane enough to post here as well.)

With the first day of summer breathing down our necks (feels like it, doesn’t it?), I am pleased (pleased?) to report that Fresno is improving (improving?) in one important (important?) set of ratings. 

Indeed, yesterday Procter & Gamble’s PR deparment was helpful enough to release their fifth-annual list of America’s sweatiest cities (to the end of promoting Old Spice products), and Fresno comes in at #16, up from #25 last year.  Take that, Bakersfield – you’re not even on the list!

And we’re well into it now.  If you need to know the weather here anytime between now and October, with all due respect to local meterologists and the poor underutilized Doppler 2400 (which gets to track about one storm a year), you can usually just consult the second half of this classic bit from Good Morning Vietnam.


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