Drunk and Spicy

I ran across articles about two very interesting studies recently that had something important in common: both focused on items that when included as part of a meal, reduce the post-meal increase in blood sugar. The hope is that using such items in the diets of diabetics will help their blood sugar control.

The first study found that adding cinnamon to rice pudding reduced eaters’ post-meal blood sugar rise.

The next day, I came across another study that found having an alcoholic drink with a meal might help reduce eaters’ post-meal blood sugar rise.

Some would say further research is needed, but I think the implications for better health are clear: shots of Goldschlager for everyone!


3 thoughts on “Drunk and Spicy

  1. Brilliant, Kim! I say we pair up Red Fire bars and Goldschlager for maximum benefit. To your health!
    Wow, Emily, that is ambitious – I’ve started adding cinnamon to my oatmeal – I figure it can’t hurt – but I know I am not even getting near a teaspoon.

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