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What You Missed at the Market

As expected, it took the whole week for me to feel better from having sliced my fingertip a week ago Friday. By Saturday I was feeling well enough to head out for some produce and conversation at the market. I’m … Continue reading

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Might Not Post For A Bit

(Squeamish alert: kitchen injury described below.) I accidentally got some fingertip in the fennel last night (bad hand positioning; I know better but was tired and was not being careful) and my left ring finger is out of service for … Continue reading

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Local Crop Makes Good

Tune in to NBC’s Today on Friday, July 20 in the 9:30 half-hour to see a local crop hit the big time.  Chef Adam Perry Lang of NYC’s Daisy May’s BBQ U.S.A. will be demonstrating how to grill with sweet, … Continue reading

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What You Missed at the Market

As I was gathering my cloth bags and my camera out of the car in the parking lot of the farmers’ market this Saturday morning, I heard one half of a cell phone conversation going on in another part of … Continue reading

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K.M.K. Farms Tour Part II

When I left off last time, Kyle was just gathering a group together for a tour.  I walked up as he was describing how they’d started off with just the avocado grove that’s in the background of this shot.  Taking … Continue reading

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Corn, Tomato and Black Bean Salad with a Lime-Chipotle Dressing

We’ve been making salad for dinner. Given the heat, we’ve been making salad for dinner a lot. Last week, for instance, we managed to not turn on the stove for five consecutive days. It’s fair to say that I have … Continue reading

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Baba Ganoush & The Eggplant Incident

My lack of love for eggplant has been previously mentioned herein.  Each summer, though, the tide of eggplant rises along with the other nightshades – tomatoes, peppers – and eventually, a globe or two shows up in our CSA box … Continue reading

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