What You Missed at the Market

We’re settling into midsummer here, both in the weather and in market offerings. There is much corn. There are many tomatoes.

We’ve also reached the “How many consecutive days will it top 100?” stage. There seems to be about seven weeks of it each year.

Everyone’s trying to keep cool, which means it’s a perfect time to address cucumbers.

Michele had these Armenian cucumbers on hand. They are a little milder in flavor and a touch more dense than the usual cuke – not quite as watery. They also have a little more tensile strength. Sliced as thick diagonal chips, they make great carriers for light little nibbles – perhaps dollops of hummus or baba ganoush or a bit of blue cheese mashed with a little butter and some chives.

As with members of the melon family in general, they’re pleasantly quenching, and cucumber water is just the thing when the heat of the day makes a fruit-based beverage sound oppressively sticky-sweet.

Offering a “recipe” here would be overkill, but here’s the procedure: Take a few thin slices of cucumber, some fresh mint (or lemon basil, as here), and a little lemon or lime peel, and give it all a bit of a light muddling in the bottom of a glass, then top with still or sparkling water and ice.

Vintage napkin fun – but not necessary.


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