What You Missed at the Market

As I was gathering my cloth bags and my camera out of the car in the parking lot of the farmers’ market this Saturday morning, I heard one half of a cell phone conversation going on in another part of the lot.

“You have to stop by here on your way home. It’s amazing. It’s…um, Blackstone and Shaw. Where all the cars are in the parking lot. They have everything; you wouldn’t believe it. Wonderful vegetables, and there’s this bread, there’s nothing it it, I mean, it just has bread in it, none of that other stuff. And the fruit. You just have to come down here.”

It made me smile as I was walking into the market, which was a good thing, as Kopi Sotiropolous was at Michele’s stand, video camera in hand. “Look at that beautiful smile!” he exclaimed, swinging the camera toward me. Thank goodness I washed my hair…on Thursday, I thought to myself. I had thrown a scarf on over the worst of the mess and gone out, just planning to do the shopping and then come home and clean up. And instead I was potentially making a very brief debut on local television. Oh well. It was nice to run into Kopi anyway; it meant I had an opportunity to thank him personally for giving publicity on Great Day to something we’d done at work.

The tomatoes have been coming and coming, and today, this was the first week that they seemed to be piled everywhere you turned. Michele of K.M.K. had a delicious-looking tomatavalanche at her table:

And Marchini Sisters had these beautiful selections. The one in the foreground might be the Cherokee variety – I didn’t catch a name on the lovely green-yellow one in the back.

Tomato time is the best. But I say that about everything, though, don’t I?

Grapes are just beginning to come on as well. The Soghomonians of Three Sisters were back with the first Red Flame grapes of the season.

Look at the beautiful powdery bloom on these – it’s soft and downy on your lips as you bite into each crisp little fruit. They taste like concentrated sunshine.


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