What You Missed at the Market

As expected, it took the whole week for me to feel better from having sliced my fingertip a week ago Friday. By Saturday I was feeling well enough to head out for some produce and conversation at the market.

I’m still favoring the finger – I’ve become quite adept at typing nine-fingered – but there was a moment when I handed Michele at KMK the Fay Elberta peaches I was buying for her to weigh, and between her hands and my hands and the fruit, the digit got pinched a little bit. She said, "Ooh, I can see that still hurts."

The Fay Elberta peaches, by the way – I eat a lot of stone fruit, but this, another older variety, is a keeper. They’re very tender and easily injured (like the aforementioned finger), so you want to choose them carefully. I only took a few, knowing that Chimp would pass them up for the unfuzzy nectarines and plums.

Once I ate one, I was perfectly happy to be able to keep the remaining ones for myself.
I was standing over the sink that afternoon, and after I bit into the peach, lifting it and my chin up so as not to lose any of its copious juice, I thought to myself, "It is good to live in a world where there are Fay Elberta peaches."

I was so deep in my reverie that a few bites in I somewhat lost track of myself, until Chimp said facetiously, "Uh, could you make those noises outside, please?"

"Probably no better of an idea. I’d scare the neighbors."

Figs are back; Fig Fest is right around the corner now – see that little purple flyer in the corner of the image?  It’s Saturday, August 11 – a great party, and the day before my birthday, no less. Will you be there?


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