What You Missed at the Market

A very social day at the market today.

First I got hassled by local television personality Kopi Sotiropolous, who was there in full Grecian regalia, passing out flyers for the Greek Festival.

Then I ran into my photographer friend Keith of Camerad. While he takes pictures of a great many things, I’ve only had the pleasure of working with him on food photography, of which he is a master. He’s also a good cook, and was getting ready to make dinner for some friends that night, including chicken with olives and preserved lemons (which he had preserved himself).

Finally I hassled Felix, the market manager, to see if there was any possibility of getting tickets for the Fig Dinner. I had planned to, and then when they were released, I didn’t jump right away, and by the time I came in a few days later, they were gone.

I had promised myself last year, when the Fig Dinner was on my birthday and I was flat on my back in bed with a bad CFS relapse for most of August, that I would not miss the Fig Dinner the next summer. And alas, it appears I will do so. The Chef’s Table is only so big, and the folks coming in from Slow Food USA and Kentucky took up a big chunk of the tickets.

Next year I will really be on the ball. (And hopefully not flat on my back again.)

As for what’s available at the market, we’ve reached that point in the season where you have to start making hard decisions. You can’t possibly eat some of everything by the end of the week. So where do you cast your affections? Stone fruit, grapes, or melons? Tomatoes, eggplant, squash, green beans, corn, or peppers?

Grapes are in, for sure and proper. Three Sisters had Thompsons and Red Flames; Fred Smeds of Savage Island had Seedless Concords, pictured here.

These are sweet and just the tiniest bit musky; they don’t slip out of their skins the way seeded Concords I’ve had do. They’re a little bit less astringent than regular Concords as well.

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