What’s In the Box

I’ve been promising myself to get back to doing my thinly veiled commercials for T&D Willey Farms putting up what’s in our CSA box from T&D Willey from week to week, so here is the first installment back in that long-interrupted series.

We have this week:

Russet Potatoes
Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes
Nakata’s Royal Diamond Plums
Perry’s Broccoli (from Fremont, CA, north of San Jose – broccoli is not well adapted to summer in the San Joaquin Valley)
Red Leaf Lettuce
Sweet Spanish Peppers
Soghomonian’s (Three Sisters) Flame Seedless Grapes
Italian Sweet Red Onions


4 thoughts on “What’s In the Box

  1. I haven’t visited this site in a long time–oh my but this is the perfect place to get ideas for my CSA box! And it IS like a great big fruit and vegetable birthday present–I can’t wait–am counting the days til Sept. 5 (when deliveries to Pelco begin).

  2. Heck, Kirsten, you’re welcome to just load Ella in the perambulatory device, drag her on over here and ask me what’s for dinner. 🙂
    Glad to hear Pelco will soon be feeling the TD Willey love – and congrats on your charter membership!

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