What You Missed at the Market

More late summer bounty today. There are still lots of tomatoes and peppers on offer. Michele of K.M.K. brought some green ones this week after I asked after them last week. I’m looking forward to some fried green tomatoes.

I picked up some of these gold ones from Il Giardino Organico for a change of pace.

Eggplant too, aplenty. It’s one of the prettiest vegetables; I should really try harder to like it.

These were on K.M.K. Farms’ table. Michele also has an all-white one that she often gets asked about while I’m standing there picking out my whatever. She describes it as having a mushroom-like flavor. Every time I hear that I think, “Ah, a vegetable I don’t like very well with the flavor of another vegetable I’m not particularly fond of.” But I should just buy some and try it – be open-minded about it. Maybe it’ll be the eggplant epiphany I didn’t know I’d been waiting for.

Moa’s Farm had bitter melon – it’s the bumpy looking vegetable in the middle. That’s another thing I should undertake one of these days – I have tons of recipes for it in my copious selection of Indian cookbooks – I should buy a couple and try out a recipe for it that sounds good.

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2 Responses to What You Missed at the Market

  1. These are truely beautiful vegetable pictures!
    Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!

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