What’s In the Box

In a moment, a note from the CSA newsletter about how Alice Waters says we’re awesome. This should help Fresno’s inferiority complex some.

Denesse said in this week’s newsletter that the heat wave we just had did a number on the crops – they lost entire plantings of beets, carrots, beans and chard, she related. It meant they had to bring in some outside crops to help fill the box this week. So we have:

Yukon Gold Potatoes
Vine-Ripe Table Tomatoes
Full Belly Farms’ Hosui Pears (an Asian pear type, from the Capay Valley west of Sacramento)
Soghomonian’s Muscat Italia Grapes (Three Sisters, Fowler)
Red Leaf Lettuce
Roma Tomatoes
Fair Hills’ Gala Apples (Paso Robles)
Mendrin’s Yellow Onions
Easter Egg Radishes

Tom has a wonderful note in the newsletter (PDF file) about his friend Alice Waters’ visit to Fresno on the occasion of the Slow Food meeting and Fig Fest. I’ll excerpt some of it here:

“What most stirred my friend’s emotion on this recent visit was the affecting beauty of Richard Erganian’s arched arbor pavilion, which so elegantly shelters the Vineyard Farmers’ Market. Alice maintains this is the only structure she has witnessed that sufficiently honors the sacrament of fresh food beneath it. Alice is above all else a visionary who conceives of food and fellowship at table as hallowed art and culture. Her recognition and blessing of our efforts to raise this kind of consciousness across the California ‘heartland’ are welcome and appreciated.”

Here here.

And speaking of Alice’s visit to Fig Fest, here is a picture of two people at Fig Fest. One of them is Alice Waters. I am the person in the picture who is not Alice Waters and who is looking absolutely delighted to be standing next to Alice Waters.


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