What You Missed at the Market

Summer’s definitely starting to come to a close. The peaches and nectarines are seeing their last days; there are still plenty of plums, of course.

There are still grapes, too, and will be well into the fall. Fred Smeds of Savage Island brought the above Concord grape juice today. He says he likes it even better than the cherry juice his wife Paula also makes from their fruit. Having had both, I said it’d be hard to beat the cherry juice in my mind.

“The grape juice is good for everything, though,” he said.

“What, you mean like vodka…rum…” I raised an eyebrow.

“No, no, I mean good-for-you good for everything.”

“Ah, you mean like anthocyanins and resveratrol.”


“I bet it’s still good with vodka, though.”

I was telling Fred another one of my inane stories while I was picking out what will probably be my last Rose Concord grapes of the season, (one month with Rose Concord grapes…11 months without, sigh) that since I learned a few years ago that the grape industry term for the percentage of loose berries that fall off the bunch is “shatter,” whenever I pull grapes out of the bag and see the stragglers down at the bottom I hear Mick Jagger singing the Rolling Stones’ tribute to NYC.

The onions are starting to wane a little bit. Michele of K.M.K. brought purple and white last week, and this week, just white. Pretty soon I’ll have to turn back to supermarket onions – always a sad moment. The garlic’s going great as fall is coming on, though – I picked up more from Vine Ripe’s booth again this morning.

There are lots of peppers to choose from. I picked up these pasilla peppers from Angel Farms and some green peppers from K.M.K.

Also got some of these San Marzano-type tomatoes from Michele – these are great for skewering or cutting in half and roasting, as she suggests.

I talked to John of Flower Garden of Madera and he said he’d have some black-eyed peas in pods next week. Very exciting news to me! He said he mostly grows them for soil fertility – leguminous crops, are, of course, good for fixing nitrogen in the soil.

I took home some figs from Marchini Sisters for another fig sauce experiment. It’ll make it to the blog if it turns out.

Also grabbed some cucumbers from Il Giardino Organico for one of my customary cucumber-radish-onion-chickpea salads with the fall radishes that came in our box this week.

And I bought some eggplant, would you believe?

Last week when I had that eggplant in my CSA box I made something that turned out really well and I thought I’d try to improve on it a little bit before putting it to the blog. I picked up some of these white ones from Michelle to challenge myself. Will this be the eggplant revelation I’ve been looking for all these years? We’ll see. If it doesn’t turn out to be, Vachte from Cracked Pepper promises me that his Eggplant Napoleon will change my mind….worth a try.


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