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T & D Willey Farm Tour, Part 2

I managed to resist diving headlong into the basil, thank goodness, and had my wits about me again by the time we got to the tomatoes. (One thing I forgot to mention yesterday – my father-in-law took these shots, as … Continue reading

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Vegan Spring Tacos with Cucumber, Radish and Avocado

I came home from WFM the other day, having gone there for a few staples. “I found some local food you’ll like,” I said to Chimp. “What’s that?” he asked. I held up a snack-food bag. “La Tapatia tortilla chips.” … Continue reading

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The Food News Roundup

Okay, that was a chronic fatigue syndrome-motivated episode of disappearance, these past few days. That coast-to-coast travel last week really wiped me out. Of course, traveling all week sometimes also means that some of the regular work has to get … Continue reading

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Foodservice Solutions

Spotting foodservice needs through the solutions on offer always makes me feel like I’ve learned something. Some recent favorites… French fries are not just french fries…there are fresh-style chips (Obligatory Creepy Anthropomorphized Food with Overly Large Eyes Alert! Hooray!) and … Continue reading

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Candies of Childhood

I just went to look up the ingredients in Smarties, some of which have arrived in our house through neither of our volition, and the first link that pops up on Google is a BBC site that says the following: … Continue reading

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Let’s Learn About Trade Associations

I came across a good one today: the Tortilla Industry Association. You should click through just to see the little mascot at the top of the page. Apparently they’re right in step with the trends, as Americans are eating more … Continue reading

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