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What’s In the Box

After I picked up the box last night, I was too swamped with cooking and work to get to this then, so here it is on Thursday lunchtime. We have in the box this week: Red Roasting Potatoes (Wonder if … Continue reading

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What’s In the Box

In a moment, a note from the CSA newsletter about how Alice Waters says we’re awesome. This should help Fresno’s inferiority complex some. Denesse said in this week’s newsletter that the heat wave we just had did a number on … Continue reading

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What’s In the Box

I’ve been promising myself to get back to doing my thinly veiled commercials for T&D Willey Farms putting up what’s in our CSA box from T&D Willey from week to week, so here is the first installment back in that … Continue reading

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CSA Box #9

Here’s our first corn of the season. I’m pretty excited to see it. It’s an appropriate time to be eating it too – though this isn’t feed corn, of course, I’m in the middle of reading Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma … Continue reading

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CSA Box #8

I’m getting into a bad habit. By the time I pick up my box after work, I’m too tired to stop and examine it. I just want to get it in the car and start driving the 30 miles home. … Continue reading

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CSA Box #7

I knew this week would come eventually: the week that eggplant would show up in the box. I love vegetables – almost irrationally so – but I have never loved eggplant. I’ve always found it almost intolerably bitter, frequently stringy, … Continue reading

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CSA Box #6

I had to grab my box on the way out to a business dinner this week at Jonathan’s in Kingsburg. We have group dinners there every so often, and he closes the restaurant for us for the evening. When I … Continue reading

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