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Sometimes They Write Themselves

From one of my food e-newsletters this week. The headline: Wingstop Serves its billionth chicken wing The quote from the CEO in the article: “We know that both customers and critics have responded well to our product, but a milestone … Continue reading

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What You Missed at the Market

I arrived at about 9:45 this morning. The parking lot was just chockablock with cars and the market just as much so with people. It was crowded enough that I had to wait just about everywhere, which hasn’t been the … Continue reading

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CSA Box #6

I had to grab my box on the way out to a business dinner this week at Jonathan’s in Kingsburg. We have group dinners there every so often, and he closes the restaurant for us for the evening. When I … Continue reading

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Au Lac Vegetarian Cafe & Indigo – OPEN!

On the building that used to be the Tower Café, on Van Ness south of McKinley, signs went up a month or so ago. Indigo. Au Lac Vegetarian Café. I’ve been by once a week or so, on my rounds … Continue reading

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Culinary Heartbreak: The Loss of Echo

I don’t take the Bee at home, so it wasn’t until today, when I picked up the Life section in the breakroom at work that I saw the terrible, terrible news. Echo is closing. Echo is my favorite restaurant in … Continue reading

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Dinner and Lunch and Dinner in San Diego

My wonderfully game co-worker and I had enough time for lunch today that we were able to leave the conference site and head into the Gaslight District. I had talked her into coming with me late Sunday night to an … Continue reading

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Foodservice Solutions

Spotting foodservice needs through the solutions on offer always makes me feel like I’ve learned something. Some recent favorites… French fries are not just french fries…there are fresh-style chips (Obligatory Creepy Anthropomorphized Food with Overly Large Eyes Alert! Hooray!) and … Continue reading

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