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Why I Will Not Feel Bad About Feeding People Whole-Wheat Chocolate Cupcakes

Using data from the Women’s Health Study, researchers found that women who consumed diets rich in whole grains had a reduced risk of developing high blood pressure, with the protective effect holding even with other factors like weight, smoking and … Continue reading

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Study: More Benefit from Food-Based Calcium Than Supplements

Today I ran across a story about results from a study at the Washington University School of Medicine that I found very interesting. The study found that women who get most of their calcium from food have healthier bones and … Continue reading

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Drunk and Spicy

I ran across articles about two very interesting studies recently that had something important in common: both focused on items that when included as part of a meal, reduce the post-meal increase in blood sugar. The hope is that using … Continue reading

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Up With Spinach

Today in the food press, another one of the occasional stories noting the enormous growth in the spinach category – 66% from 1992 to 2002. If you’re not a close observer of the produce industry, the reasons for this are … Continue reading

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Soda consumption down; first time in 20 years

There was this story making the rounds today about the beverage recommendations of a batch of experts. A recommendation that Americans drink less soda is prominent among them. It turns out they were heavily financed by Unilever, (parent company of … Continue reading

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