My name is Jocelyn. I cook substantial vegetarian food. It’s heavily influenced by my love of Indian cuisine and my affection for beans. Some of my recipes are cookbook-born, some come from ideas I’ve picked up from various sources, and some are my improvisations.

I’ve been a vegetarian since December 26, 1990. I learned to cook in earnest when I went away to college, though I had a substantial head start because of my mother, an excellent and adventurous cook who had me stirring chocolate chips into cookie batter as soon as I could hold a spoon.

At NYU, I found the food stores around the city much more interesting than my acting classes. I changed my path not long afterward. I’ve been in the food industry since 1995, and have worked selling cheese for a high-end retailer, for a Michigan cereal manufacturer, and as a analyst and marketer for an agricultural commodity group. My degree is in Food Marketing. I eat, sleep, and breathe food. So to speak.

I love to go out to eat, but vegetarian meals are an afterthought at most restaurants, and often reflect their afterthought status in their amount of style and innovation. As a result, my favorite restaurant is usually my own kitchen, and I work continuously to make it a better place to eat. Welcome.

Why This Blog Exists

This weblog began in early 2004 because of two questions: “What do you eat?” and “Can I have the recipe?”

It endures because of people around me: people who ask, “What smells so good?” , people who exclaim in shock, fright or delight “What is that?”, people who are at a distance with whom I’ve shared tables in the past, people whose husbands will eat it as long as they don’t realize it’s meatless, people who know what they would choose if given a choice of a pint of ice cream or a bag of potato chips, people who like annotated recipes, and people who like to try new things.

Why I Sometimes Disappear For a While

I have been living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, more commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, since May 2004. I am mostly housebound; I work from home and food shopping – at the farmers’ market and Whole Foods – is the highlight of my week.

I am not as prolific a cook as I used to be before I became ill, nor do I often have the opportunity to go to the lengths I once did on a daily basis. Having to learn to let someone else cook for me was one of the enormous challenges of my changed life. My energy is still unreliable; if I disappear for a while, it’s a safe bet that I don’t currently have the strength to cook, photograph, and write.

Email me at shespillsthebeans at gmail dot com.

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