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Red Leaf and Basil Salad with Emerald Beaut and Moyer Plums and a Fig-Balsamic Vinaigrette

As I have all these Emerald Beaut plums to enjoy, I thought I’d better get on to finding other ways to enjoy them besides out of hand as a snack. So, as a result, here is a green salad with … Continue reading

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If I’d Known Y’all Were Comin I’d ‘A Baked a Pie…

…or at least have put out fresh towels!  My goodness, well, sit down and I’ll get out some cheese and fruit and we’ll have a snack and chat. Joan Obra was kind enough to mention me and Nicole Hamaker of … Continue reading

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Some Bites About Rights

If you’re visiting me via a link from the forums of Susan Maria’s Bariatric Eating website, a special welcome! Reader Kir was kind enough to point out to me in a comment to the site on Sunday, February 25, that … Continue reading

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The Spice is Right #2 – Sweet or Savory: Tomato-Fennel-Anise Soup

I loved the black jellybeans and the white spice drops as a kid. And Good n’ Plenty. When we moved to Michigan, I discovered licorice flavored herb-menthol Lakerol (good luck with the navigation on that, unless you speak Swedish) in … Continue reading

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Not Orange-Almond Asparagus

I stayed up about an hour too late on Sunday night, worrying about the next few weeks of work, which are going to be very busy, and I’m still paying for it in fatigue. It probably didn’t help that I … Continue reading

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May Eat Local Challenge

Having read the S.F. Chronicle story last week on mega-organics, I ran across their mention of the Locavores, a group promoting an “eat locally” challenge for the month of May. I took a look at their guidelines and found myself … Continue reading

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Baby Turnips and Greens in a Moghul-Style Sauce

The finished dish here may photograph about a two, but it tastes a ten. This is an entry for The Spice is Right #1, the theme of which is “Ancient Spices.” Finally, a blog event that makes sense for me … Continue reading

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