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Sometimes They Write Themselves

From one of my food e-newsletters this week. The headline: Wingstop Serves its billionth chicken wing The quote from the CEO in the article: “We know that both customers and critics have responded well to our product, but a milestone … Continue reading

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Trans America (the other kind, the evil fat kind)

There was an op-ed piece in the NYT about trans fats this weekend. Nothing big or new in terms of facts, but a great title: Nuggets of Death. That would be a good name for a band. Dammit, the name … Continue reading

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Hotel Time Travel

I have been suddenly plunged back into the very late 1980’s or possibly the very early 1990s. I wasn’t expecting it; I showed up at this hotel for a conference with one other member of my organization, and when I … Continue reading

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I’ve just finished two very productive days of a photoshoot for work. On my way out yesterday morning I grabbed, on impulse, a pile of 1960s-era food-company sponsored recipe pamphlets and booklets that I had out because they had been … Continue reading

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Vegan Humor

Two pieces of vegan humor: One that touches on the Stupid Questions: Steven the Vegan Chef And the dream of being able to get something to eat at a fast-food place: The Triple Tofu Tower I know that second one … Continue reading

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Kinds of Vegetarians

I was reading The Vegan Lunch Box the other day and feeling grouchier and grouchier the more I read. I suppose I was thinking if I didn’t work outside the home I could make time for that level of lunch-involvement … Continue reading

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